Well dear friends I’m now on day 4, who’d have thought it eh? So far it hasn’t been too much of a struggle. I’ve had to keep reminding myself that I just don’t drink anymore. Deep down I know that I really don’t want to poison myself with ethanol anymore but the culture has been so ingrained in my life over the last 20 odd years that it’s felt somewhat odd. I have today ordered ‘This Naked Mind’ by Annie Grace and will let you know my thoughts in due course. It has had some great reviews. I really want to understand more about the brain and how we can change our perceptions.

Only really had two physical symptoms so far. One has been tiredness. I am absolutely knackered at 8pm and can hardly keep my eyes open. Even as I write this at 3.10pm I am yawning! What the fuck have I done to my body over recent years? I know that I just need to rest and let my body recuperate. Easier said than done when you are ‘between jobs’ Second, and one that I wasn’t expecting is flatulence. Yes, readers, I can’t stop farting!!! My poor wife really has a lot to put up with. I’ve bought some pro biotic yoghurt which may help to sort out my digestion. If anyone has any ideas on this, they would be welcome.

Also, on the advice of another non-drinker I have downloaded an app called ‘sober today’ Can you believe that I have already saved £56.39 as I type this. FFS this brings things into perspective doesn’t it?

So anyway until next time, onwards and upwards!


One thought on “Its now Day 4!

  1. Am just loving your refreshing blog…very funny too…keep posting and I am a day ahead of you so we are on a journey together! Onwards and Upwards!


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