100 fucking days sober!!

100days-sober1Hello again friends……I really can’t believe that I am now 100 days from my last alcoholic drink. In that time I have been through Christmas, New Year, Valentines and numerous other occasions that would have normally been an excuse to get pissed. How has it been for you, I hear you ask! Well most of the time it hasn’t been too onerous, I’ve swapped booze for getting fit and healthy. I have signed up to run a 10k race in August and also the National 3 peaks challenge in July. Rather than waking up hungover I am now up and out walking at 5.15am! Insanity as my sister calls it………..

The only time in the last 100 days that has been really eye opening was attending my company’s annual sales conference. Imagine the scene, 800 sales and technical staff in a large hotel in Birmingham for the night with a free bar……….Yes dear reader CARNAGE is the only word that could adequately describe it. Normally perfectly responsible adults acting like total fucking twats! I managed to make my excuses early and was back in my room for just after 10.30pm with a smug smile of clear-headedness on my face! Luckily I was up and out of the hotel early the following morning so didn’t see the mess that would have been before me at breakfast.

So what’s next for this born again madman? Well, more of the same I reckon…….continue to immerse myself in podcasts, books, videos etc and keep this streak going………….I feel fucking awesome!!!!!

Until next time…..laters!!!!


Still Going Strong!

So dear readers it is now Day 8!! Yes, DAY 8!!! Trust me when I say that this is a really big thing for me. Eight days without a drop of alcohol poisoning my system is the longest booze free period that I have had in almost 10 years. I thought I would list some of the benefits that I am already seeing after what is, after all, only a short period in the scheme of things.

  1. Money!! Yes money!! My sober today app tells me that I have already saved £180 already!! That is fucking insane. I could weep for the amount of money that has been wasted on that vile shit that we call ‘having a cheeky beer’
  2. Sleep – after a couple of days my sleep settled down and I am having the best sleep that I have had in bloody years!
  3. Freedom – This is probably the most important of all. No longer is my life being controlled by when I can poison myself next. I was talking to my darling wife yesterday and telling her about a time when we were in the supermarket on a Sunday. We were food shopping and she was spending longer than I deemed reasonable to choose an item. All I could think was ‘this is my drinking time that you’re wasting!’ What a selfish bastard I was being. Honestly friends that is not the person that I really am. This is what I made myself into.
  4. Memory – do you know what I can actually remember the plot of programmes on TV from one night to the next. Makes it so much more enjoyable actually knowing what the fuck is going on 🙂
  5. Weight – And just as a side benefit I have lost nearly 5lbs this week which is nearly 2.5kgs for my European friends.
So I’m now looking forward to the weekend with extra oommpphh (is that even a word)
Until next time
Onwards and Upwards!!

Its now Day 4!

Well dear friends I’m now on day 4, who’d have thought it eh? So far it hasn’t been too much of a struggle. I’ve had to keep reminding myself that I just don’t drink anymore. Deep down I know that I really don’t want to poison myself with ethanol anymore but the culture has been so ingrained in my life over the last 20 odd years that it’s felt somewhat odd. I have today ordered ‘This Naked Mind’ by Annie Grace and will let you know my thoughts in due course. It has had some great reviews. I really want to understand more about the brain and how we can change our perceptions.

Only really had two physical symptoms so far. One has been tiredness. I am absolutely knackered at 8pm and can hardly keep my eyes open. Even as I write this at 3.10pm I am yawning! What the fuck have I done to my body over recent years? I know that I just need to rest and let my body recuperate. Easier said than done when you are ‘between jobs’ Second, and one that I wasn’t expecting is flatulence. Yes, readers, I can’t stop farting!!! My poor wife really has a lot to put up with. I’ve bought some pro biotic yoghurt which may help to sort out my digestion. If anyone has any ideas on this, they would be welcome.

Also, on the advice of another non-drinker I have downloaded an app called ‘sober today’ Can you believe that I have already saved £56.39 as I type this. FFS this brings things into perspective doesn’t it?

So anyway until next time, onwards and upwards!

Here we go!

So dear friends, I am now officially a non drinker! There, I’ve said it and it sounds so fucking good. I have finally broken free of the trap that I have been in for the last 35 years. As I sit here sipping a lovely cup of coffee I know that I have no need or desire to ever drink alcohol again. This truly is the beginning of the rest of my life. I am sure that there will be some bloody difficult times ahead but drinking alcohol will only make things worse, of that I am sure.

Now I need to fill the gap that booze has left. I need things to do to fill my time. I have decided to look into starting singing again with the local choral society so we will see how that goes.

I would just like to thank Craig Beck, Jason Vale and Kevin O Hara for all their wise words. I’m now off to order ‘This Naked Mind’ by Annie something or other to try and carry on my education.

Until next time, hope you all have a fantastic new year and as Kevin O Hara says ‘onwards and upwards’

See ya soon!!!


T minus 2 and counting

Well dear reader, with only 2 days to go until I become a non drinker I wanted to share some of my thoughts about this impending mindset shift.

I am getting quite excited at the thought of never having to drink alcohol again. My wife and I have been shopping and bought some ‘posh’ cordial and some ‘wacky’ tea bags as a substitute. I’m really looking forward to getting fit again and being able to run without the horrible drug alcohol coursing through my veins and brain. I had expected to feel more scared at the thought of never drinking again but as I’m not I am sure that I have got to the right place in my head. I have the undying support of my wife which is such a huge help. She has agreed to stop drinking too in the short term.

So that’s it for today. See you on the other side you lovely people.

A New Start!

Well hello readers! Think I’m kidding myself there really, as if anyone will really ever see or take any notice of my ramblings.

Ahead of my Jan 1st watershed I wanted to put down in writing why I have decided that I no longer want booze in my life.

  1. I am fed up with booze controlling my life. Where I go, when I go, how I do things. They are all controlled by the thought of how much booze can I get down my neck. Last night I had to make 5 cans of Stella last for about 5 hours because I knew that if I said I wanted to go and get more it would cause an argument, and rightly so.
  2. I hate the thought that I am constantly poisoning my body. Why would I do this? I don’t do it with any other substance. I find it totally inconceivable that I would poison my body with nicotine or cannabis or any other stimulant. It just doesn’t make any sense.
  3. Money!! Now there’s another point. How much money have I pissed away in the last 10 years? A conservative guess would be £60,000! That would have been enough for a big deposit on a house….where is the sense? I need to stop being so fucking selfish and allow my wife to stop worrying that she can’t afford new clothes just in case I decide to go on the piss again.
  4. I want my relationship with my wife to be so much more than us just going up the pub again and her sitting there wondering how much more I am going to drink. I have finally found someone that I truly love and I really don’t want to mess things up again.
  5. I really want to get much fitter. I know that I can do it and I have done it before. I have come to the realisation that it will not happen while I am a drinker.
So there you have my top 5 reasons. I know that booze does nothing for me. I have read all the research and listened to all the videos and audiobooks. Now it is time to do something about it.
I know that Jan 1 is a rather clichéd time to be stopping drinking and that it coincides with ‘dryathlon’ etc. but it just feels right. We are going to watch the sunrise on New Years Day to signify the start of something bigger and better. So until then dear reader enjoy the holiday period and have a good new years eve and I’ll blog again on New Years Day.