100 fucking days sober!!

100days-sober1Hello again friends……I really can’t believe that I am now 100 days from my last alcoholic drink. In that time I have been through Christmas, New Year, Valentines and numerous other occasions that would have normally been an excuse to get pissed. How has it been for you, I hear you ask! Well most of the time it hasn’t been too onerous, I’ve swapped booze for getting fit and healthy. I have signed up to run a 10k race in August and also the National 3 peaks challenge in July. Rather than waking up hungover I am now up and out walking at 5.15am! Insanity as my sister calls it………..

The only time in the last 100 days that has been really eye opening was attending my company’s annual sales conference. Imagine the scene, 800 sales and technical staff in a large hotel in Birmingham for the night with a free bar……….Yes dear reader CARNAGE is the only word that could adequately describe it. Normally perfectly responsible adults acting like total fucking twats! I managed to make my excuses early and was back in my room for just after 10.30pm with a smug smile of clear-headedness on my face! Luckily I was up and out of the hotel early the following morning so didn’t see the mess that would have been before me at breakfast.

So what’s next for this born again madman? Well, more of the same I reckon…….continue to immerse myself in podcasts, books, videos etc and keep this streak going………….I feel fucking awesome!!!!!

Until next time…..laters!!!!


Still Going Strong!

So dear readers it is now Day 8!! Yes, DAY 8!!! Trust me when I say that this is a really big thing for me. Eight days without a drop of alcohol poisoning my system is the longest booze free period that I have had in almost 10 years. I thought I would list some of the benefits that I am already seeing after what is, after all, only a short period in the scheme of things.

  1. Money!! Yes money!! My sober today app tells me that I have already saved £180 already!! That is fucking insane. I could weep for the amount of money that has been wasted on that vile shit that we call ‘having a cheeky beer’
  2. Sleep – after a couple of days my sleep settled down and I am having the best sleep that I have had in bloody years!
  3. Freedom – This is probably the most important of all. No longer is my life being controlled by when I can poison myself next. I was talking to my darling wife yesterday and telling her about a time when we were in the supermarket on a Sunday. We were food shopping and she was spending longer than I deemed reasonable to choose an item. All I could think was ‘this is my drinking time that you’re wasting!’ What a selfish bastard I was being. Honestly friends that is not the person that I really am. This is what I made myself into.
  4. Memory – do you know what I can actually remember the plot of programmes on TV from one night to the next. Makes it so much more enjoyable actually knowing what the fuck is going on 🙂
  5. Weight – And just as a side benefit I have lost nearly 5lbs this week which is nearly 2.5kgs for my European friends.
So I’m now looking forward to the weekend with extra oommpphh (is that even a word)
Until next time
Onwards and Upwards!!